5 Ways to Get Your Traffic Tickets Dismissed

In Florida, the only way to have your traffic ticket dismissed is to go to court. It is still possible to get a traffic ticket dismissed if the ticket is for a non-criminal violation, and not a parking ticket. Here are five ways you can get your traffic ticket dismissed if your ticket meets the criteria:

Ask for Dismissal

In traffic court, a police officer also acts as the prosecutor. If you had a positive interaction with the officer who pulled you over, your ticket may be dismissed. If you make the right emotional appeal, they may be able to forgive your situation. 

You may be able to dismiss your employee if, for example, your father passed away recently or you rushed to the hospital when your wife’s waters broke.

You shouldn’t use phrases like “I’m running late” or ‘I didn’t notice the stop sign’. The court or the officer won’t care. Ask if the company is willing to delay adjudication if your first request fails. You will not receive any points for this. You can ask for the same leniency if they refuse.

Opt for Driving School

Ticket Shield offers ticket dismissals for driving safety courses. If you meet the following criteria, you are eligible to attend driving school. Buy a ticket and you can remove demerits points from your driving record. Have you not taken an online course for Florida traffic school in the last 12 months? They can take 4, 8, or 12 hours depending on the course. You can also take online courses at any pace.

The Ticket Information is Incorrect

Inspect your ticket. You may be able to get the ticket thrown out if the information provided about you or your vehicle is incorrect, or if any important information is missing. It’s possible that the equipment used by the officer during your interaction was faulty. You can have your traffic ticket thrown out if the Breathalyzer, or radar gun, gives inaccurate results.

The Necessity Defense

You can claim the necessity defense if you must commit a traffic infraction to prevent something worse. Sometimes, circumstances are beyond our control. You were forced to decide which rule to break if you had to yield to a vehicle in an emergency situation and run a red signal to do so. You have to drive someone to the hospital if your license has expired.

You Can’t Win with a No-show

You can ask the court to dismiss the ticket if the officer who issued the ticket does not appear in court. Even if you reschedule the hearing, don’t count on them not being there. The police officer does not have to attend a hearing before trial if you are there. It’s also not uncommon for an officer to request a continuance. You may be waiting for your case in court only to find out that a continuance was filed. You’ll need to return to court another day, even if you took the day off. This happens more than you might think. This is the strategy we least recommend. The luck of the draws is all that matters.

Get Traffic Tickets Remitted

How do lawyers dismiss traffic citations? These defenses and others are used by lawyers. You can’t be sure that these arguments will succeed, but at least you have options. If you are unsure if any of them will work, then you can hire an attorney.

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