Critical Steps To Take Following a Drunk Driving Accident


Impaired drivers cause several car accidents every year. Accidents caused by drunk driving enable victims to recover a total amount of damage without even going to trial. Hire a professional car accident attorney to receive the entire amount of entitled compensation.

Below are crucial steps to take after being involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver.

Contact The Police

Exchange contact information with the other driver. However, if the other driver is suspected of being impaired, report the suspicions immediately to the police. The police have the authority to perform blood and sobriety tests to confirm the other driver’s impairment.

Report The Crash To The Insurance Company And Collect Necessary Information And Documents

The standard duration for filing an accident report with the insurance company is 30 days. Report the incident immediately with the help of an attorney to enable the claim adjuster to obtain all the necessary materials to secure the claim. The information supports insurance reimbursement for clients’ losses and injuries. Filing a personal injury claim after an accident is extremely important.

A report by the police will determine the at-fault driver who, if found drunk, can be charged with a DUI and placed in custody. Always retrieve and document the scene after an accident. Obtain the name, address, plate number, license number, and insurance information of all drivers involved in the incident. If the at-fault driver works for an employer, obtain the name and contact information of the driver’s employer.

Obtain the names and contact information of witnesses. If there is a witness who took photographs and video recordings of the accident, request copies of the footage. People who carry cameras should take pictures of the scene as such evidence is vital in car accident cases.

Keep the medical records ready to secure compensation from the insurer and support a claim in legal proceedings. Keep all the medical bills and expenses to act as proof.

Obtain Medical Care As Soon As Possible

Some accident victims fail to recognize the feeling of pain immediately after an accident as the adrenaline masks such pain. Others may have pain but assume it will fade with time. Seeing a doctor immediately after an accident is essential for victims who file a claim later on. The doctor will assess the overall damage to the victim’s body through various scans. Medical records act as proof to present to the insurance company to secure the total compensation amount. Make an effort to see the doctor right away to assess cases of internal bleeding and concussions, which are detrimental if left unattended.

Recover Compensation For Losses And Injuries

No-fault insurance laws require victims to deal with the insurance company first. It allows clients to secure compensation for expenses and medical costs. Most insurers only provide reimbursement up to the state’s threshold, depending on the limits of the client’s policy. Damages and losses that are more than a threshold of $50,000 necessitate hiring a personal injury lawyer. Such professionals assist victims in filing a direct lawsuit against the drunk driver. Clients can seek to recover from the damage of pain and suffering associated with injuries and fatalities.

File The Claims Promptly

Depending on the state, people who suffer injuries due to another person’s negligence have varying timelines for filing a lawsuit. Resolving such cases proves to be complex, mainly if the accident occurs within the state no-fault environment. Hire a seasoned car accident lawyer in Antelope Valley to beat essential deadlines. Such legal professionals deal with all parties, including insurance companies, on behalf of the victims. Seek a personal injury lawyer who works on a contingency fee basis, which implies that payments are made only when the legal claim goes through, and compensation is secured.

Unfortunately, accidents related to drunk driving occur every day. Hire a knowledgeable attorney who has a reputation for helping the victims secure maximum compensation.