Four Factors that Can Influence the Value of Your Philadelphia, PA Pain and Suffering After a Car Accident

Serious car accidents usually lead to significant, ongoing pain and suffering for victims. If you are one of these victims you may face serious physical pain, emotional distress, and other severe challenges. While you try to recover from your injuries caused by the negligent action of another person, you may wonder if you could pursue compensation for pain and suffering and how much. The answer depends on the facts and circumstances that surround your car accident. But with the help of experienced Philadelphia, PA car accident attorneys, you can be sure to secure the compensation you deserve. To determine the value of your pain and suffering, here are factors your attorney will consider:

The Injuries You Sustained Following the Accident

The amount of compensation you may be able to recover for your pain and suffering depends on the kind of injury you suffered. Let us say you suffered from a spinal cord injury. Serious injuries to the spinal cord can lead to paralysis below the injury site, so you could be in need of a wheelchair or a mobility device. Also, it can take a long time for you to recover from a spinal cord injury, leaving you facing ongoing medical costs and physical limitations. 

Road to Recovery

Some injuries that resulted from an accident have a long road to recovery. In fact, your treating physicians might not know how the recovery process for you will be until you begin it and see the complications you might encounter. The longer your road to recovery, the more compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.   

The Limitations Your Injuries Pose

Some accident-related injuries pose a few limitations. For instance, if you sustain a broken arm, your mobility and independence might only be limited for a few days. Meanwhile, if you ended up with multiple broken bones, your everyday life can be significantly impacted. Injuries to the spinal cord could lead to permanent restrictions including problems performing self-care tasks and mobility issues. 

The Way These Limitations Alter Your Life

How your injuries change your life depends on your needs, hobbies, and activities. A computer programmer who sustains a spinal cord injury might still be able to perform this work during and after recovery. But a brain injury might stop them from engaging in their favorite activity. Serious scarring wouldn’t limit what some people can do. But, others might sustain immense emotional distress and prefer to isolate themselves due to the scarring. Also, they might lose their self-esteem.