Stockton Car Accident Settlements vs Verdicts 

The majority of car accident cases are settled without going to court. The parties involved may try to reach a settlement because trials are expensive and time-consuming. But settling a case may not always work for all parties. As a car accident victim, you want to ensure your damages are taken into account t before you try to resolve your injury claim. A reliable a car accident attorney in Stockton can help you recover compensation through a negotiated settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurer or by winning a trial verdict. They will carefully review your options and navigate the entire legal process to get the full compensation you deserve. 

Settlements for Car Accidents

A car accident settlement is a binding agreement between the defendant and the plaintiff. Both drivers involved in a car accident resolve the dispute without going to court. A settlement negotiation can take months to resolve for more complicated claims. In general, insurers will want to avoid the legal expenses associated with going to trial. Also, as a victim, you may try to avoid the uncertainty of going before a judge or jury. 

In some instances, both parties may agree to settle the case before a lawsuit is filed or after the victim initiates legal action. If you and the defendant reach a settlement, you know the compensation amount to get. Although you may get higher compensation at trial, it will cost more. Also, you may lose out on compensation completely, depending on how the jury views your situation. 

Car Accident Verdicts

Verdicts are judgments or decisions decided upon in a court hearing. You and the other party argue your cases to a jury or judge. If you cannot reach a settlement, a court trial may be necessary to resolve your case. This can take place when you and the other party cannot agree on liability and compensation matters. Also, you may choose to take your case to trial to try to get fair and full compensation. 

Taking your case to court may let you get more compensation in a verdict than what you can get in a settlement. For example, a jury may award you more for pain and suffering. Insurers usually try to reduce such kinds of damage. However, a trial may get delayed many times and can take years to be concluded, costing each party more money and resources. Also, the verdicts may lead to less compensation or none at all. But a trial may be worth it when you have an attorney who has extensive trial experience.