Tips for Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer Based on Reputation and Experience


A personal injury lawyer’s most important thing to look for is their winning record. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. A losing record could mean that your attorney did something wrong in your case, such as not interviewing witnesses or following up with opposing counsel. Fortunately, a few tips for choosing a personal injury lawyer are based on reputation and experience. In addition, you can get a free initial consultation from a lawyer.

The reputation of a personal injury lawyer

As a consumer, you probably want to know about the reputation of a personal injury lawyer. Unfortunately, this profession has earned a negative reputation in the past. Bad apples in the field have contributed to a bad public image. You may even have seen TV commercials on local channels about shady attorneys. In either case, it can be a big deterrent for injury victims. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid these common pitfalls.

The most common mistake people make when choosing a personal injury attorney is relying on a referral from a friend or family member. You can check out online testimonials from previous clients to make an informed decision. Unfortunately, some personal injury lawyers have earned a bad reputation because they take advantage of their clients. While this may be true in some cases, it is not always the case. It may simply be a case of miscommunication, unrealistic expectations, or an absence of knowledge.


An experienced personal injury attorney like Breakstone, White & Gluck will be familiar with the legal jargon involved in this litigation. Experienced personal injury attorneys can exchange documents and facts with the other party’s attorney. These attorneys are well-versed in dealing with insurance companies and will be able to negotiate on your behalf. Inexperienced lawyers should seek help before taking a case. They will be able to help you make sense of the medical information and other documents you need to provide to support your claims.

A personal injury attorney’s experience is critical to a successful case. A lawyer must have extensive training in tort law and experience handling injury cases. An injury lawyer handles dozens of cases annually, giving them valuable insight into insurance practices and courtroom procedures. They also possess negotiation and litigation skills to represent their clients effectively. A personal injury lawyer’s experience will help you secure a fair settlement.


A lawyer’s credentials are crucial for the success of your case. This includes passing a bar exam, graduating from a law school specializing in personal injury, and being certified by a particular board in personal injury litigation. Although these certifications do not guarantee the outcome of your case, they are essential in proving their expertise and experience to potential clients. Listed below are some of the most important credentials of a personal injury lawyer.

If a lawyer regularly lectures at legal education seminars and writes articles for publications, they usually have high regard among professional colleagues. Check a personal injury lawyer’s website to see if they are listed as speakers or authors. If they aren’t listed, ask them to see their speaking engagements and publications list. Getting a copy of their resume to see if their credentials align with your needs is important.

Free initial consultation

Most personal injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation, but don’t just sign up for it. Instead, ask questions specific to your case, and make sure the attorney takes the time to explain your rights and responsibilities. During this time, your attorney cannot give you advice on the details of your case, but they can provide a general estimate of what your case will be worth.

Most law firms offer a free initial consultation, which is essential because this allows you to meet the attorney and learn more about your case. You may also need to bring critical documents to the consultation, such as medical bills or proof of lost income. It’s best to attend several free consultations with different lawyers to find the one who’s right for you. You’ll also want to learn about the attorney’s fee structure, as most personal injury law firms operate on a contingency basis.