Two Tips For Attracting New Clients To Small Law Firms.

Running a small law firm requires managing many tasks simultaneously as handling client files, resulting in not devoting enough time to attracting new clients or files. As incredible as it may seem, most small law firms do almost nothing new to find clients.

Getting New Customers Comes Down To Three Simple Steps

Developing your activity level is a three-step process from Grow Law Firm for example. You must ensure that new clients or referral sources:

  1. Get to know you
  2. Learn to appreciate yourself
  3. Decide to trust yourself

It’s quite easy to understand. Of course, it’s the execution of the process that separates the truly business savvy from the rest.

Qualities Of Those With Business Acumen

Contrary to what you may believe, the most successful are not extroverts. They are found in all personality types. And they all have one thing in common: they follow what we call the three P’s.

  1. They make the development of their volume of activity a priority
  2. They are persistent in their efforts to obtain new records
  3. They are patient in waiting for the results of their efforts

Two Areas Of Intervention To Develop The Level Of Activity Of Your Firm.

In today’s small law firms, lawyers who want to grow their businesses should focus primarily on networking and digital marketing. Each area’s effort will generally vary by area of ​​practice and location.

  1. Networking: Certainly, with the current pandemic and containment, some traditional networking activities are on the back burner. But all does not stop. Many contacts can be initiated or reinforced via appointments via videoconference or telephone. You have to find something that works for you and stick with it.
  2. Digital marketing: If you do one thing differently, you’ll be one step ahead of your peers. For example, you can start writing articles in a blog, optimize your website to be more captive for prospects (does its content emphasize how you can help customers?), seo for attorneys, invest in its referencing, optimize your LinkedIn profile, etc. Know that most of your colleagues will not do anything new to improve their digital marketing. So, imagine the benefit if you do more than one different thing!

Lawyers have a certain monopoly which limits competition. And the competition for customer acquisition you face is often lazy. So, launch some of the recommended actions, and you will get new files!