What Does An Investigation For Your Car Accident Claim Involve?

Every day, thousands of car accidents take place. Unfortunately, very few of those cases receive fair compensation for the damages and injuries. Unfair or low compensation is mainly associated with negligence and lack of evidence. When a driver neglects the essential aspects of a case or evidence is unsupportive, the claim will likely be lesser than you would expect. 

Visit this website to know more about the car accident claim. On the contrary, you could become aware of some essential factors involved in the claim. The investigation of the car accident claim plays a crucial role. You must pay close attention to it and know what would be investigated for approval of the claim. 

  • Statements 

A car accident claim will be investigated thoroughly by the insurance executives. The insurance executive might try to get as much information as statements from you as possible. It would help if you were alert when the defendant driver(the driver who caused the accident or the opposition party) tried contacting you. 

It would be best to think before speaking about anything related to the accident. Each statement provided by you can likely be used against you. Gathering information and statements is one of the first steps of investigating a car accident claim. 

  • Cell Phone records 

Call or cell phone records hold significant importance in investigating car accident cases. The insurance executive may check your cell phone records to see if you were driving when the accident took place.

If you were, the insurance company might dismiss your claim. If you were not on a call when the accident occurred, you should use it as leverage against the defendant driver. The defendant’s insurer might try their best to assign fault to you. It would help if you asked your attorney to handle it. 

  • Accident scene 

The accident scene can provide plenty of evidence. The damages and signs of injuries at the accident scene can prove the driver’s fault. You should know that the accident scene will be thoroughly investigated. You can consult your attorney and ask them to explore the location to search for evidence that might benefit your side of the case. 

  • Background check 

The insurance company or the police may conduct a background check on each driver as part of their investigation. They will check each driver’s background, medical history, and driving record. The insurance company will prioritize such a factor of the inquiry as it will give them an idea about each driver’s role in the accident.