What’s TN Visa?

The TN (Trade NAFTA) can be a special non – immigrant status within the united states . States unique for the citizens of Mexico and Canada. The TN status was recognized inside the U . s . States Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) around 1994. The TN visa can be a working visa issued to citizens of Canada and Mexico to legally be employed in the united states . States. The TN visa is kind of similar to what H1-B visa, but has special features too. People with the TN visa may eventually get to 3 years, which may be restored indefinitely in three-year increments. Just like a Canadian does not have to request a visa formally inside a US consulate, it’s name is a standing rather than a visa.

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Looking to get the TN status for Mexicans is completely different from for Canadians. The Mexicans are needed to follow along with the identical procedure since the Canadians nevertheless the Mexicans must first obtain a US TN-2 visa inside a US consulate (generally in Mexico) . Once the TN visa is positioned inside the passport in the Mexican they might have to go into the united states . States in TN status very much the same just like a Canadian. The Mexicans will probably be recognized within the united states . States in TN – 2 status.

To become qualified for any a TN visa, you’ll find handful of eligibility needs. Looking to get this status is a pretty streamlined procedure. The one who wants to get a TN visa may submit an application for this visa when they

can be a citizen of Canada or Mexico

features a job with a company within the united states . States

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the offered job ought to be an approved profession listed in the NAFTA Appendix 1603.D that might are the professions of Accountant, Economist, Engineer, Librarian, etc.

is capable of doing be employed in the offered position, and

the job offers are temporary up to more twelve several weeks stay period within the united states . States.

Tips to get TN Visa to function within the united states . States?

To get the TN status, an individual must work offer out of your US employer.

The applicants must make sure they have the needed qualifications needed to obtain the visa.

Must provide a letter in america employer that has to certainly be published for the agreement officer within the border. This letter must include specifics of the u . s . states company, regards to employment and qualifications in the employer.

You have to gather the appropriate documents like evidence round the qualification and proof of citizenship.

Once the needed documents are collected, you might submit an application for the visa personally inside a US Customs and Immigration checkpoint (this frequently will exist in the airport terminal terminal in the departing city in Canada). Mexicans, who’re required to have a visa so that you can enter in the U.S., must first get yourself a visa inside a U.S. consulate in Mexico before they could submit an application for admission inside a U.S. port of entry.

You have to give you the documentation for the Agreement Officer and clearly describe the purchase of employment as well as the qualifications.

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