163 motorcycle crashes occurred in Sarasota in 2021, and these crashes caused 142 injuries and 12 deaths. Motorcycle crashes are among the most dangerous types of motor vehicle accidents, but motorcyclists are not covered by Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance in Florida. While motorcycles are technically considered motor vehicles inContinue Reading

Small businesses in San Jose, California, are often targets for litigation. That is why all SMEs should have a business attorney San Jose to protect their interests. Business lawyers can help small businesses in various ways. They can represent the business in court, help with contract negotiations, and provide otherContinue Reading

Starting a business automatically brings with it the biggest risk/reward ratio you’ll likely ever face in your lifetime. While there are many benefits of owning your own business, such as the freedom and autonomy to complete tasks as you see fit, there are also many unexpected challenges entrepreneurs face, suchContinue Reading

The workplace is where employees spend more than half of their lives. It’s a place where they work, eat, live, and socialize like never before. There are some workplaces that are family-like and others that are hostile to newcomers or established members of the company. Several factors can make yourContinue Reading