4 Areas of Business Law Business Owners Can Find Challenging

Business law is a complex area of law with many aspects that need to be understood in order to run an effective and profitable business. Business owners are typically under a lot of pressure and must wear many different hats in order to operate their business successfully. The average business owner simply would not have time to learn the ins and outs of business law while trying to stay on top of all the other important tasks necessary.

Business lawyers in Melbourne can help business owners understand the most challenging areas of business law, as well as help business operators set their business up in a way that can protect them if any legal issues arise. This article will go over the four most common areas of business law business owners find challenging and how business lawyers can help.

Employee Disputes

Employment law and business law often overlap, and as such, this area of business law can be especially difficult for business owners to understand. Employment laws and regulations can change with very little notice to employers, so staying on top of these changes is important to reduce the likelihood that an employee dispute will arise. Business lawyers in Melbourne can track these changes for business owners and ensure employers are meeting all of their legal obligations to their employees, as well as helping business owners anticipate any changes to employment laws in the future.


Immigration law can cross over into business law when it comes to hiring employees outside of the country your business operates. Whether you’re hiring a temporary employee or a full-time employee from another country, your business will need to be compliant with the status and procedures that must be followed by the employee. Business lawyers in Melbourne can make the process of hiring candidates from other countries much smoother whilst also ensuring all contracts and paperwork signed between employer and employee are satisfactory and compliant.

Intellectual Property

Business owners who fail to protect their intellectual property are at high risk of having their proprietary software or logo and visual assets stolen and misappropriated by rivals or former employees. If your business produces or uses its own unique products developed in-house, business lawyers in Melbourne can help you protect this intellectual property as well as launch a dispute against any person or business entity using your intellectual property without gaining your permission first.


Typically, businesses will need to pay several different kinds of taxes, from income taxes for the profits of the business to employment and payroll taxes. Many business owners can fall behind or neglect paying their business taxes simply because they’re too busy and preoccupied to stay on top of what needs to be paid and when. Fortunately, business lawyers in Melbourne can help business owners stay on top of or get back on top of their taxes by helping operators outsource the task to an appropriate professional such as a bookkeeper or accountant. Business lawyers will also be able to negotiate disputes with the tax office if needed.