5 Reasons – Why Patentability Searches are Valuable?


Have questions regarding patentability in the invention?

Every informed inventor has lots of such queries that’s, thus, strongly suggested that patentability search is transported out before any purchase of patent process.

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Patentability search is transported out for ascertaining the novelty and non-obviousness (“patentability”) of inventions. The treatment depends across the objective, complexity along with the budget, whether collaborate through an experienced patent investigator to consider the task. The conclusion result, in almost any situation, remains a range of prior art information which will come even near to the invention at hands.

5 reasons for you to think about a patentability search

#1) To Create Aware Patent Application Decisions

It is vital that patent filing process is initiated once the foremost is believing the invention is patentable while using printed prior art.

If patentability search data reflects the invention meets the patentability criteria i.e. novelty or non-obviousness, a professional patent drafter can craft optimally scoped claims resulting in better protection with fast and economical patent prosecution.

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Otherwise, it’s best advised that you simply defer the thought of filing a patent application to spend less, effort and time within the finish.

#2) Improve Your Inventions

When the invention meets the patentability criteria, you might consider improvising it considering prior-art which makes it patentable.

The precious insights that novelty search data provides helps inventors better evaluate their inventions. This lets them to create preferred enhancements in their invention. Eventually, they might possibly overcome any patentability challenges developing a more efficient patent application getting a larger possibility of obtaining a grant.

#3) Explore New Application Areas for your Invention

Patentability searches might help in unleashing new uses/ application areas for your invention that won’t are really considered of your stuff earlier making your invention a bigger factor and assisting you to secure a wider patent protection.

Consider, for example, a gift situation where an inventor utilized in farming sector invented a totally new polymer wealthy in liquid absorption capacity. Thinking about his background, he invented that it’s present in farming sector (designed for paddy fields requiring lot of water) and wanted patent protection for the same scope. However, during pre-filing novelty search, it had been identified this polymer doubles in products for example sanitary napkins & diapers. This really helped him obtain a broader patent protection in comparison with his original ideas.

#4) Could Make Informed Decisions of Invention’s Commercialization

Commercialization of every invention – be it incidentally of licensing, selling, developing products, etc. may be the ultimate aim behind patenting it. Henceforth, the requirement for patentability searches in offering good preliminary insights from following two commercialization perspectives is enhanced.

  1. a) Legal – Patentability search offers a good preliminary concept of legal functionality of launching products according to your invention in preferred jurisdictions i.e. of Freedom to function (FTO) issues.

#However, as scope of patentability search is totally different from FTO, an in depth freedom-to-operate search is suggested in the later stage before launching the product.

  1. b) Market – Offers a better insight for the regarding competition in the marketplace, acceptance of countless technologies and merchandise according to them, info on technologies, etc. (See #5 below for details)