Can You Trust the AVVO Service?


People might be wondering if an Avvo rating is significant for the site, and what is the highest Avvo rating on the site? Does it mean that that person is the best lawyer, or is there more to the rating they don’t know? Luckily, the platform has been perfected to give the most honest service possible, although it’s hard to prove that each review is truthful. 

The rating is also mainly based on the rest of the profile of each individual, which should include work experience, license, academic accomplishments, and more. The more a lawyer adds to their profile, the higher their rating. But there’s more to know. 

The Story Behind the Company

Interestingly, when Avvo first began gaining traction, several lawyers complained about the service, claiming they were losing business because people could find legal help for free or at lower costs. These people sued the site, and the lawsuit made the site more popular, especially when the judge ruled in their favor.

Afterward, Avvo became more about user-created content and rating their lawyers. Now, it’s more like a community similar to LinkedIn but dedicated to lawyers, clients, and legal questions. It’s become so popular that any question typically gets a quick response. 

The Future of Avvo

According to the founder, Avvo has become the most comprehensive legal platform globally, with over 300,000 people actively using its website. The 2020 pandemic forced more lawyers to work remotely, and Avvo was indeed at the front of that. However, even some professionals have never heard of Avvo

The Avvo Ratings 

The second most popular service on the platform is its ratings, behind the Q&A feature. The score is mainly focused on how the attorney has filled out their profile. Still, community participation can also influence the final score, from one to ten, with ten being the highest Avvo rating anyone can get. However, the algorithm for this score is secret, and attorneys can’t pay the platform to get better ratings. Sometimes, Avvo can remove the score, but the rating and the profile will remain public. 

As a Lawyer, Should You Invest Time on the Platform?

There are other platforms for lawyers that charge for profiles, or you might be paying someone to optimize your online presence. But Avvo is an excellent way of taking charge of your image and start participating actively in the community. It’s not for everyone, but it’s worth considering if you don’t feel like you have an enormous reach online. 

Avvo was working on perfecting their SEO and getting more clicks depending on a user search, which will undoubtedly help anyone that wants to get more visibility. It’s recommended to sign up for at least a free profile. It’s easy to make and maintain, just like a social media platform. Lawyers should give it a chance for several months to see if it’s beneficial for them. A few days is not enough to get that information. 

Therefore, each individual has to decide whether the service works for them and if so, take advantage of what it offers to its members and the community at large.