Wage & Hour Lawyers

The severe economic downturn that began in 2008 had a profound effect on the labor market, which caused a great number of businesses to reduce their workforces by significant numbers. As a direct consequence of this, there is now much greater competition for available jobs. When looking for methods to save expenses, many businesses have chosen to either lower the number of hours their employees work or reclassify them in order to circumvent the need that they pay overtime wages. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that some of these judgments made by businesses would violate the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Employees have the right to receive pay that is comprehensive, equitable, and timely for the job that they have done, just as employers have the right to anticipate that work will be finished. Employees have the right to initiate legal action against their employers if the latter fail to pay them the whole compensation to which they are entitled.

The resolution of compensation problems might be difficult due to the presence of a variety of state and federal statutes that are involved in wage and hour concerns. When it comes to resolving issues involving wage and hour violations as well as pay theft, the attorneys for wage & hour lawyers deal with both workers and employers.

What are the Fair Labor Standards Act, often known as the FLSA?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a federal legislation that sets minimum pay and hourly work standards for certain industries. This legislation has been given a wide interpretation, and as a result, it now applies to nearly every business. The Fair Labor Standards Act mandated a minimum salary as well as overtime pay for any workers who qualified. Claims of violations of wage and hour laws as well as theft of wages are investigated and prosecuted by the Wage and Hour Division of the United States Department of Labor.

Wage & Hour Lawyers Represents Both Employers and Workers in a Variety of Matters

If you think that your employer has a financial obligation to you as a result of a breach of the FLSA, please get in touch with our group of employment attorneys so that we may explore the specifics of your case. We have a lot of expertise in dealing with claims that are associated with the FLSA, and we can assist you in securing the compensation that is rightfully yours. If your employer has broken the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) intentionally, you may be eligible for extra damages on top of those already awarded. We are able to assist you in the event that you have been incorrectly categorized, refused pay for overtime worked, or wrongly denied compensation to which you were entitled.

A wage and hour litigation are something you don’t want to deal with if you’re a business owner. To avoid expensive wage theft disputes, we can assist you in ensuring that your workers are appropriately classified according to their real job tasks. It is critical that you stay up to date on all relevant employment legislation. Being represented by a knowledgeable employment lawyer may help you avoid legal action and liabilities by ensuring that your company’s rules and processes are watertight.